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Dry Fruits and Nuts

We always remember the main properties of products and their further lives: the freshest cake with candied fruits, a cheese plate decorated with crackly walnuts and almonds or flavory baskets of dates and dried apricots in a market...

Delivery of nuts and dried fruits for us is not just special packing, special terms of transportation and strict observance of the delivery order. For us are the natural value of the product, it’s ability to become the finishing touch, to transfer it’s exclusive taste and unique healthfulness is important.

brox ensures that during the transportation of your cargo, you think only about pleasant things such as useful properties and fine taste of nuts and dried fruits!

Basic components of our product are:

• transportation;

• customs registration;

• safety;

• monitoring.

A great variety of regions are rich with goods of this group:

• the USA: almond, prunes, raisin, pistachios, pecan-nut

• Argentina, Chile: prunes, raisin, the Brazil nut

• Tunis, Algeria: dates

• Turkey: hazelnut

• Iran: pistachios

• Philippines: dried bananas and banana chips

• India, Vietnam: cashew

• Thailand and China: candied and dried fruits

We have chosen the best contractors and formed delivery options from the above-named regions of the planet to Russia through ports of St.-Petersburg, Novorossisk, Astrakhan, Riga, Kotka, Vostochny.

We have extensive experience in customs registration of nuts and dried fruits, we know the twists and turns and we offer you the optimal way of importation of your goods.

brox pays special attention to the questions of secured transportation of your goods, therefore we offer you a variety of security measures which will make your sleep sound:

• Surveyor services during the loading, examinations and discharging at the port of destination;

• Quality analysis of shipped production at the certification authorities;

• Various technical means to control for container openings;

• Use of own seals with unique design which excludes their hand-made imitation during transit across Russia;

• Employment of securities for the transportations of high-liquid and valuable cargoes;

• Attraction of vehicle fleet with GPS trackers for constant control of the cargo location.

Thanks to brox tracking system you can always monitor movements of your goods and it’s customers clearance status on-line. 

Heavy Lift and Project Cargo


The international transportation of out of gauge and project cargo is one of the most complex services in brox's line up. Transportation of heavy lift and oversized cargoes is, perhaps, one the most demanding task that requires specialized equipment, knowledge and experience...

Air Freight

Air Freight

Spare parts for manufacturing line, Beaujolais nouveau and Novello for the Holiday of New Wine from France and Italy, medical supplies, premium food. Delivery of all kinds of goods from any part of the world.