Individual solutions for the entire supply chain

Individual solutions for the entire supply chain

We help our clients expand business, get to the new markets and increase presence on existing markets. We also help promoting new products, investigating new possibilities, focusing on sales, research and development.


We will deliver product samples, raw materials, finished goods in one shipment or in multiple lots as per the terms of the supply contract.


All you need to do is to give us the sender contacts, invoice, the packing list and specification of the goods and we will make it happen!

We will:

• contact the sender and coordinate terms of readiness of the goods and date of its shipment;

• order necessary equipment for transportation;

• reserve space on the nearest vessel;

• position empty equipment for loading;

• ship the goods and deliver it to port of destination;

• organize receipt of necessary licensing documents;

• carry out transfer in port of destination;

• organize customs registration;

• deliver the goods to your warehouse or factory.


This is an example of the the most demanded options. We will also be glad to:

• organize transportation of cargo from warehouses of several manufacturers with the further consolidation at the terminal;

• reload the goods from/to container/car/carriage/vessel;

• accept the goods for responsible storage;

• divide consignment and deliver the goods to several addressees;

• insure the goods from partial loss or full destruction.

In the course of delivery of cargo you will regularly receive reports on movement of your goods through the delivery chain so you can focus on the business.

Heavy Lift and Project Cargo


The international transportation of out of gauge and project cargo is one of the most complex services in brox's line up. Transportation of heavy lift and oversized cargoes is, perhaps, one the most demanding task that requires specialized equipment, knowledge and experience...

Perishable goods

Perishable goods

We all love freshly picked fruit, organic milk and sour cream, lightest cheeses made to perfection… How do you preserve the most fragile that we have - natures gifts in freshness and safety?